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While growing up I heard numerous stories of President John F. Kennedy. As historians continue to dig into his personal life, we find that the one-time leader of our free nation, did not have a spectacular moral compass. Even so, his assassination rocked out world, and has left many sleuths devouring books, videos, and photos of his death.

Yet, the strangest of all the mysteries involved around JFK’s death, is his brain. Did you know his brain is missing? According to forensic historians, the coroner placed his brain inside a metal container filled with formaldehyde. The President’s secretary, Mrs. Lincoln (true name) took custody of the organ, and enclosed it in a locker with other personal documentation. After cataloging the items, she received a call from Robert Kennedy’s office, who asked her to leave the storage locker in a designated area. After that, no one has seen the locker, nor JFK’s brain.

Many conspiracy theorists believe it adds to the two-killer theory, others think RK hid the organ as not to expose the seriousness of his brother’s health, while some authorities hold to the thoughts that the brain exposed more about the killer(s) than first realized.

Interesting, huh?

Well, everyone, that’s all for now. Due to medical issues, The Harper Gale newsletter will be on a temporary hiatus for a month or two. I look forward to hitting the ground running, and finishing up my novel, and researching new mysteries for you all to ponder and investigate on your own. 

Don’t forget Between Us is still on sale on Amazon, and I have two children’s books available under my other name (Lizette Vega), Alligator Loose in the City and Alligator Loose in the Train Depot. All three are great gifts for the coming holidays.

May God bless you!


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