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I hope you are all well and enjoying the upcoming change in seasons. It’s summer 90 percent of the time here in California. For us, a change in season means switching out your flat shoes for flip-flops. Haha!

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Well, this month’s mystery threw me for a loop. I came across a film by Norman Prado about the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. I have to tell you that his research and conclusions are a game-changer to the OJ Simpson case.

Here’s what I have learned.

Norman Prado met the famous football player after the murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman. Their professional relationship ended after the Las Vegas incident that imprisoned OJ for several years.

According to Prado, the narrative begins in 1973 when OJ met Robert Kardashian. The men became best friends and business partners. Years later, Robert married Kris, and OJ married Nicole. However, as social media would attest to, Kris and OJ had an affair, and the violent (consensual) act required a hospital visit for Kris Kardashian. When Kris asked OJ to take her to the hospital, he refused. That affair, and the harm done to Kris, destroyed Robert’s friendship with OJ, although they continued to interact with each other for decades.

Fast forward to January 1989. Nicole takes photos of her injured body after OJ beats her. She gives the photos to her sister for safekeeping. Eight months later, Nicole calls Emergency again, but this time she reveals that OJ took her phonebook, “With all her stuff in it.”  See transcript link here (

Unfortunately, Nicole had a drug problem. The phonebook OJ stole contained the information of the people who sold her drugs. The 9-1-1 call reveals OJ’s anger at Nicole for hanging out with prostitutes and doing drugs while her kids are home.

Prado tells us that OJ was not jealous; he didn’t care if his women saw other men. However, OJ cared about his wallet and his reputation. Nicole’s drug addiction came with a hefty price tag, which caused her to run with a dangerous crowd.

OJ was tired of it. He refused to pay another dollar to help her out of bad situations. However, Nicole had the photos from the injuries inflicted by OJ, and she used them as leverage to get him to pay her debts.

In December 1993, OJ gave the phonebook to Robert Kardashian. OJ asks Robert to find someone to tail Nicole and lead them to her dealers. Robert, OJ, and Paula Barbieri (OJ’s girlfriend at the time) all met with William Wasz at the Roxbury in West Hollywood, where they offered him the job for $15,000.

In January 1994, Robert met with Wasz alone and offered him a more significant job: kill Nicole, satisfying his vengeful anger against OJ.

Robert gives Wasz a 24 Caliber gun, a crack pipe, and Nicole’s phonebook. However, Wasz is in a car accident, and the police find all the evidence in the vehicle.

While in jail, Wasz issues a proffer letter (an offer of information in exchange for leniency in sentencing) through his attorneys. Wasz then confesses that Robert paid him half of the $15,000 fee to kill Nicole. Yet, Wasz dies mysteriously in jail before the conclusion of the deal.

Enter Glen Rogers.

Rogers, a well-known serial killer (now on death row), murdered Mark Peters and assumed his identity. He uses Peter’s name to find work painting for Nicole and rents her apartment.

I cannot verify how Robert and OJ met Glen Rogers, but they tap him to finish the job. Court documents show Rogers boasted to his family that he and Nicole dated and that he planned on “taking her down.”

Now, here’s something I didn’t see coming, a week before Nicole’s death, Rogers and Nicole attended a party with Dodi Fayed (yes, the man who would date Princess Diana years later). Dodi offers to take Nicole and her friends to London. Rogers hears their conversation and Nicole’s comment on picking up cocaine in Seattle before the trip.

Rogers tells OJ, and the plan goes into action.

Here are the highlights of what happened that night, according to Prado’s investigation:

1. On the night Fayed planned to pick up Nicole and her friends, OJ takes Kato out to McDonald’s for dinner. Note: OJ hated McDonald’s and ate there only once. When they return, OJ’s housekeeper tells him of strange noises in the garage, but he brushes it off. Trial testimony shows that OJ stored Nicole’s keys to her security gate in that area.

2. Nicole’s mother calls about the sunglasses. However, research shows that Mrs. Brown changed her testimony about this call three times. Each change bumped up the timeframe. You can’t help but wonder if Mrs. Brown created the story to cover her daughter’s drug deal.

3. Nicole asks Ron to drop off the glasses. Nevertheless, Ron does not own a car, nor is a car found at Nicole’s house after the murder. Thus, someone had to drive him to the house and, while waiting, witness the murder. Since no one came forward, the investigators believe Ron’s driver had foreknowledge of the murders. Note: I could not find any information about sunglasses at the murder scene.

4. OJ decides to go to Nicole’s to scare Ron. (He used this exact scare tactic in Las Vegas that had him thrown in jail for years.) Yet, Ron pulls a knife from his pocket and cuts OJ’s finger, linking him to the murder scene. Note, also, that the bloody glove had no cuts on it.

5. OJ panics and drives off, leaving Glen Rogers behind. Although Ron put up a fierce fight, Rogers gained control of the knife and killed him. 

6. Rogers believes OJ left him holding the bag. He and Ron’s driver return to OJ’s home and throws the bloody glove in the backyard. That is when Kato hears someone knocking on the side of the house.

7. To make matters worse, OJ fails to pay Rogers. Infuriated, Rogers calls Nicole and arranges to bring her cocaine, but only if she has $3,000 cash. Nicole agrees. Rogers takes Nicole to the pathway at the side of the house. In so doing, Nicole finds Ron’s body. Before she could scream, Rogers slits Nicole’s throat and drops her body down the steps.

After the murders, Robert Kardashian, who hadn’t practiced law in decades, renewed his license and acted as a lawyer during the trial. Prado believes that Robert did so to avoid testifying based on attorney-client privileges. 

Years later, Prado offers one hundred thousand dollars to anyone with direct information about that night. Much to his surprise, he received a detailed letter from Rogers, who was in jail for killing three people. The letter details how Ron and Nicole’s murders occurred. To give further credence to his story, Rogers traced his foot, which matches the footprints found during the investigation. He draws a replica of the knife and includes a photo of his mother wearing Nicole’s locket. “Show the picture to OJ. Better yet, show it to her kids. They’ll confirm it belongs to Nicole,” he said.

When OJ went to jail, Prado sent Roger’s letter to him and the locket photo. OJ told Prado to “Stay away from that man. And you’re dead to me.” He made no denial about the details of the letter. To this day, Prado and OJ are no longer on speaking terms.

So what do you think? Is it a game-changer for you? It certainly makes a lot of sense and answers many questions. 

Well, that’s it for this month. Don’t forget to pick up copies of my children’s books. You can purchase both the paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

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