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I’m sorry I did not send out a newsletter last month. I had a Covid scare, which turned out to be a nasty sinus infection. It’s been a tough year health-wise, and I am behind on my projects. Please forgive me; it’s not my desire to keep people waiting. Fear not, the train is back on track and moving toward a marvelous New Year. 

With all the research on Covid, I ran into many articles on children’s vaccinations and potential illnesses derived from the vaccine. The diseases reminded me of a book I read a few years ago called The Case that Never Dies: The Lindbergh Kidnapping by Lloyd Gardner. The author revealed that ten-month-old Charlie Jr. had hammertoes on his left foot, and a “rickets-like disease” that hindered the growth of strong bones. Even though the Lindbergh’s downplayed the illness, Anne Morrow Lindbergh informed a newspaper that Charlie needed 14 drops of Viosterol daily. The large dosage raised eyebrows concerning the child’s health.

Why is this a big deal? Researchers discovered Lindbergh favored the Nazi party before the kidnapping and had a fascination with Social Darwinism, aka eugenics. For the aviation hero to have an imperfect child would go against his belief of passing on his physical superiority to others.

The first suspicions of Lindbergh’s association with the kidnapping occurred when he changed the family’s routine and remained at their weekend rental home another evening. Likewise, Lindbergh skipped a speaking engagement at an NYU alumni dinner to stay at the rental.

What is more unusual is that Lindbergh called his wife before he came home and demanded that no one coddle Charlie while he slept between the hours of 8:25 pm and 10:00 pm. When Lindbergh returned home, he announced he had forgotten the dog who slept under the baby’s crib every night.

During Charlie’s quarantine, Lindbergh stated he heard wood snapping outside, yet no one else in the house heard the noise. At 10:00 pm, the nurse, Betty Gow, checked in on Charlie and found he had disappeared.

At first, Betty and Anne thought it was a joke. Weeks before the incident, Lindbergh hid Charlie in a closet and told everyone that someone had kidnapped the baby. After Anne and the staff searched the house (starting in the nursery), Lindbergh found a ransom note on the nursery’s windowsill. Even though a broken ladder appeared under the window outside, the home had no further evidence of a break-in.

Also, Lindbergh took complete control of the investigation and refused help from two trained FBI agents provided by the government. Historians say that Lindbergh threatened to shoot the agents if they defied his order.

Two months later, a truck driver found Charlie’s body a few yards from the rental. Lindbergh declined an autopsy and cremated the baby after the examiners provided the cause of death (blunt force trauma to the head).

The mystery has all the makings of an inside job. For instance, how did the kidnappers know the Lindberghs would stay another night at the rental? How did they find the nursery?

We may never know the truth about sweet Charlie’s death. Still, there is enough suspicion around his father, who supported the Nazi party’s survival of the fittest mentality.  

So, what do you think? Did Lindbergh do away with his child? Do you think Anne knew about his plans? Let me know your thoughts.

All right, friends, thanks for staying with me.


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