November 2020 Newsletter

“The orchid, queen of exoticism, a mute observer, slow to reveal the mysteries of her petals. Would that I had such patience, too.” ― Jan Moran


Hello Friends!

It’s an exciting month with a lot to be thankful for, including God’s great mercy towards us.

If all goes well, my novel, Between Us, will be on the market by the end of the month! Wahoo! I hope you enjoy the characters I have grown to love and their story. Meanwhile, get ready for chapter one. I hope to give you a taste of my book and pique your curiosity enough to purchase a copy.  So, keep an eye out for two emails in the next few weeks. The first message will include a hyperlink to chapter one. The second is the official book launch announcement with a link on where you can pick up a copy of Between Us.

CeCe Moore’s Genetic Detective

One of my favorite shows to watch is Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.  During a recent episode, Gates hired a pioneer in autosomal genetic genealogy, CeCe Moore, to locate the lost father of one of his guests. Her genetic genealogy model eliminates people based on age, gender, or location with remarkable accuracy. If Moore finds a DNA match, she can guess their relation by the percentage of shared genetic material. For example, a parent and child share fifty percent of their DNA. A cousin will share 12.5 percent, and so on. Once a link is confirmed, she’ll work backward in time to trace descendants from whom the person and the connection are both descended.

CeCe Moore’s research predicts genetic ancestry, hair color, skin color, eye color, freckling, and face shapes from any ethnic families, even people with a mixed heritage. As her genealogical database grows, the possibility of remaining anonymous is vanishing. Law enforcement agencies are now looking to her to help resolve ongoing crimes and cold cases. “If you are the perpetrator,” she says, “I will find you from a second cousin.”

Wow, I’ll be storing that information in my writing toolbox for the future. If you like to learn more about CeCe Moore, you can find her website at

That’s all for now! Remember to look out for the two emails coming to your inboxes soon!


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